'Centre' means Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Queensland

'Entrant' means any person who enters the Centre at any time whatsoever

'Event' means an event conducted at the Centre

'Owner' means owner or the manager of the Centre or any of their respective agents

'Patron' means an Entrant who attends an Event, whether as the holder of a ticket or otherwise

'Hirer' means the business entity licensed to use the Centre to present the Event.

1. The Hirer is responsible for all aspects of an Event. All complaints and claims arising out of or in connection with an Event, including but not limited to admittance to and seating at the Event, shall be directed to the Hirer. 

2. If under the legal drinking age, an Entrant shall not purchase and/or consume any alcohol at the Centre and if of legal drinking age, the Entrant shall not consume such quantity of alcohol which would be unlawful whilst the Entrant is, or as if the Entrant were, in control of a motor vehicle in Queensland. Alcohol may only be consumed in those areas at the Centre which clearly indicate that alcohol consumption is permitted. The consumption of alcohol within the Centre’s grounds is prohibited. 

3. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Centre. Entrants who fail to obey a direction from the Owner or another authorized person to cease smoking in the Centre or to leave the Centre while smoking may be immediately evicted from the Centre.

4. A promoter or its agents or Owner or its agents may in their absolute discretion conduct searches of Patrons for any items carried by Patrons which are prohibited by law or prohibited by the Hirer's or Owner's terms of admission. Unless expressly authorised by the Owner, possession of the following items is prohibited at the Centre: weapons; controlled, dangerous or illegal substances; aerosols; lasers; glo-sticks (chemical), long chains, studded belts, motor bike helmets, alcohol; bottles and cans; eskies (inside the Centre building only); audio and/or visual recording, broadcasting or transmission equipment; still, movie or television cameras.

5. An Entrant shall not transmit or aid in transmitting any description, picture, account or reproduction of an Event without the authorisation of the Hirer and the Owner. If the Entrant makes such a transmission, description, picture, account or reproduction of an Event which is subsequently confiscated by the Hirer or the Owner or their agents, it shall become the property of the Owner. The Owner, the Hirer, their agents and licensees may utilise the Patrons image or likeness incidental to any photographic record, live or recorded video display or any other visual or audio transmission or reproduction in whole or in part of the Event.

6. Entrants voluntarily assume all risk of all damage and loss (including property damage, personal injury (fatal and non-fatal), economic and consequential loss) whatsoever and howsoever arising (including by negligence) at the Centre including damage or loss caused by the acts or omissions of other Entrants including Patrons, employees, agents or licensees of the Owner or Hirer or any other person or thing present at the Centre.

7. A Patron holding a ticket purchased for a ticketed Event at a concessional price must be prepared to produce proof of age or documentation justifying the concession when a ticket is presented for use.

8. Patrons who are late for an Event may not be admitted until there is a suitable break in the Event.

9. The Hirer and the Owner reserve the right to refuse admission to and eject from the Event without compensation any Entrant, whose conduct is, or is deemed by the Hirer, the Owner or their agents, to be unlawful, disorderly or offensive, or who is not entitled to attend that Event.

10. The Owner reserves the right to refuse admission to and to eject from the Centre any Entrant whose conduct is, or is deemed by the Owner or its agents, to be unlawful, disorderly or offensive.

11. The Hirer reserves the right, in good faith, to add, withdraw or substitute Event participants, and to vary seating arrangements, audience capacity, venues or program times as it deems necessary, and the Hirer's exercise of this right shall not entitle the Patron to make any claim whatsoever against the Hirer or the Owner.

12. The Hirer or Owner may cancel, interrupt or stop the Event due to dangerous situations, adverse weather or any other causes beyond its reasonable control, and such cancellation, interruption or stopping of the Event shall not entitle the Patron to make any claim whatsoever against the Owner or against the Hirer except, in the case of the Hirer, for and limited to a ticket for a replacement Event if scheduled or a refund of the appropriate portion of the face price of the ticket if the Event is cancelled and not subsequently rescheduled.

13. If a Patron holds a ticket acquired in breach of the terms and conditions of sale, including being purchased at a premium or from an unauthorised point of sale, the Patron may be refused admission to the Event.

14. Entrants parking their vehicle in the Centre's car parks are subject to the terms and conditions stated on the front of the customer car parking ticket.

15. The distribution of leaflets, selling of any goods, merchandise or tickets within the Centre is prohibited without the appropriate license and the permission of the Owner.

16. Patrons who have purchased tickets for an Event in a manner which in any way breaches the terms of sale of the ticket regarding on sales or section 30C of the Major Sports Facilities Act 2001 (Qld) may be refused entry to the Event.