WWE LIVE Australia

7.30PM TUE 22 OCT, 2019

Presented by: TEG Dainty


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All Ages Welcome - Children under 23 months at the time of the event are admitted free provided they sit on a parent or guardian's lap. Children over 2 years old require a ticket in the same price category as their parent or guardian.


As a condition of entry and to assist in providing a safer environment for everyone, a security search and wanding will take place prior to entry. Allow extra time for entry procedures.

All bags larger than an A4 sheet of paper in addition to all backpacks, backpack handbags & children’s backpacks of any kind/size are prohibited.


• Bags larger than an A4 sheet of paper;
• Backpacks of all sizes (including handbags worn as backpacks);
• All professional cameras (those with detachable lenses or telephoto lenses);
• Audio/visual recording devices;
• Selfie sticks, monopods and tripods;
• Drones or other remote controlled devices;
• Broadcasting or transmission equipment;
• All electronic tablets measuring greater than 170mm diagonally;
• Cans, bottles (including glass or metal) and containers;
• Eskies or hard cased cooler bags;
• Patrons are permitted to enter with a limit of one (1) sealed 600mL PET bottle of water, per person, bottle will be decanted into a cup on entry;
• Alcohol and e-cigarettes;
• Illegal or illicit substances;
• Chewing gum;
• Liquids greater than 100ml (e.g. perfumes and aftershaves etc.);
• Large spiked wrist or neck bands, spiked or studded belts;
• Knives, weapons, scissors and chains;
• Lasers and laser pointers;
• Glo-sticks and other such illuminating objects;
• Permanent marker or felt type pens;
• Aerosol canisters;
• Musical instruments including horns, trumpets, sirens or other noise making devices;
• Banners, posters, flags or signs larger than an A3 sheet of paper;
• The Manager has the right to review content and has the right to refuse lewd or offensive material of any items or clothing entering the Venue;
• Fireworks or flares;
• Motorbike helmets or any face coverings deemed inappropriate by the Manager;
• Large umbrellas (longer than 300mm when in the closed position);
• Bicycles, skateboards or skates;
• Animals (excluding service animals); and
• Any other item deemed by the Manager in its absolute discretion, to be inappropriate, illegal, unsafe or hazardous in any way.
The Manager reserves the right to, at any time, add items to the prohibited items list.

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Patrons with a medical condition can bring medical supplies from home. Please register your details by contacting bec@brisent.com.au. When registering your details please provide the date you are attending and a valid contact phone number.


Accessibility for people with limited mobility is available via Administration located on the ground level, to the left of the main stairs.


Parking is charged at $15 per visit, payable to the car park attendant upon entry (cash only). To minimise delays patrons should arrive early or share vehicles with friends. Current disability parking permits must be displayed on car windscreens upon entry. Ensure that you follow the directions of the car park attendants at all times. 

A Drop Off/Pick up Zone is located within the grounds. Advise the car park attendant of your requirements and follow their directions. This area is for short term use only.